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Are you interested in expanding your business in international markets?  Which market should you go to?  How do you find and set up a local office?  Where do you find qualified local staff?
Don’t worry, we have the key secrets for you to penetrate new country-markets. Your teacher,

Tanjila Islam, for this course has over 12 years of experience in developing international markets.  
In your Strategies for Entering International Markets class, you will learn:
  • How to choose a market that is a “good fit” for your company
  • How to expand and/or launch your product or service
  • How to navigate local business cultures
  • How to find the “right” people and organizations to help you build business

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It’s often perceived in the business world that pursuing an MBA degree is analogous to buying career insurance, especially if you attend a top program.

Study: In-Person Contact Still Important For Business

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

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Meet Nick Bauta, The Designer-Entrepreneur Driving Providence’s Industrial Renaissance 

After a deadly fire, Providence officials enacted strict building codes that that virtually dismantled the city’s lively art scene. The task has fallen to a RISD grad to rebuild it, one abandoned warehouse at a time

We’re Going Digital 

Should campaigns be media-driven or idea-driven?

Lately, it feels like the media tail is wagging the campaign dog. Many campaigns are built around a media platform, as if the media platform alone was the big idea. Most of the Foursquare campaigns I see feel like that.

Sometimes marketers forget that media platforms are enablers to big ideas. They aren’t the big ideas themselves.

The media channels developing today are creating an unparalleled opportunity for marketers. As a result, P&G, the world’s largest advertiser, is famously shifting media wholesale from TV to digital. Marc Pritchard, head marketer at P&G, recently said, “This is probably the most profound time of change that has occurred in brand building since the end of the Second World War when mass marketing really took off.”

As marketers worldwide make similar shifts, it’s important to remember that going digital is not a campaign strategy. Neither is a checklist of every available flavor of new media.

Instead, a campaign strategy is built on big ideas that take advantage of the best media channels to bring those ideas to life.